Top Go-Go Website Interviews Go-Go Symphony Founder

“Take Me Out To The Go-Go,” the premier news magazine and website for Washington DC’s go-go community, interviewed Liza Figueroa Kravinsky, founder of the Go-Go Symphony.   Journalist Kato Hammond introduced the interview by comparing the Go-Go Symphony with the National Symphony Orchestra’s historic performance with go-go innovator Chuck Brown:

“On the evening of September 4, 2011, the go-go culture experienced its very first taste of enjoying their favorite style of music performed on a classical platform when the National Symphony Orchestra did something different and invited Chuck Brown to the West Lawn of the U.S. Capital… The biggest thing that this event proved to us was that only is Go-Go recognized as an art form in the family of music, but it can be presented within many different cultures.”

“And that’s what brings us to this interview session right here.  Today, we put the spotlight on a woman who not only decided to take that concept a step further, but is also no stranger herself to Go-Go music and its culture.  Liza Figueroa Kravinsky is the founder of a musical ensemble who’s objective is to do just that.  This musical ensemble that I speak of?  The Go-Go Symphony.”