Go-Go Symphony is “Maverick,” Says Classical Music Expert Greg Sandow

The Go-Go Symphony is considered a maverick project in the classical music world, according to classical music critic and expert Greg Sandow.  Sandow recalls his thoughts when he first heard about the project:

“It didn’t simply combine pop and classical music — that’s been done quite a lot — but also brought together pop and classical musicians. And in a long-term collaboration, not just as a one-shot, like Grizzly Bear playing with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, or Elvis Costello creating The Juliet Letters with the Brodsky Quartet.”

“Still more: the style of pop music involved in Liza’s piece is something with fierce local roots in the place where the project is happening. ”

“All these things are rare, if not unique. And they give the project a kind of street energy not always found in pop/classical collaborations.”

Because the idea is so innovative; Liza Figueroa Kravinsky, composer and conductor of the project, is now a guest blogger in Sandow’s influential blog about the classical music industry.