Go-Go Symphony at the National Mall Rocked the Crowd

The Go-Go Symphony threw a great party at the National Mall on June 30. Here is what audience member Carol Young had to say about the show:

“So, here’s what I observed — kids were sad to leave the concert when their parents pulled them away and kids dragged their parents from the museums to listen to the music. You quintupled (5X) the number of people from start to finish. People listened as they walked to from museums along the venue — i.e. they danced, bounced their heads, tapped/clapped their hands, or they danced/walked as it were.”

“About the music, I most enjoyed your pieces the “alright we’re going to try something new school” sounded really interesting — sometimes Latin, Middle Eastern, then like a band – it was intriguing in a cool way not weird, this is NOT really music way. Your music told a story – took us to some new places, got us excited and interested in go go and symphony music. Your leading with the violin was super duper cool. Overall it was breath taking — like, WOW, you’re doing your art and it’s making a difference in SO many peoples’ lives right in the nation’s capital. I wanted to hear even more of the juxtaposition of the orchestral music and a plug for the jam sessions at Dupont Circle.”