Business Strategist

Lamiaa Farrag was appointed as The Business Strategist of the Go-Go Symphony in 2019. Lamiaa brings to the Go-Go Symphony decades of global working experience with a diversified background in leading business and marketing strategies for 1000 Forbes companies. In addition to designing and executing entertainment and corporate events as a Destination Management Expert in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS). Lamiaa oversees developing and executing The Go-Go Symphony Business Strategy, building strategic initiatives, and developing and executing the domestic and global markets expansion plans.

Lamiaa developed the Go-Go clinics, which is an educational program for schools, universities, and corporations. She has a great passion for music education and cultural tourism. Lamiaa believes that Go-Go Symphony plays a critical role in promoting DC cultural tourism awareness domestically and globally.

Contact Lamiaa to discuss a potential business collaboration or partnership and plan your engaging corporate or entertainment events or festival.

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