Operations Manager

Sali Dimond was appointed as Operations Manager of the Go-Go Symphony in 2017. Sali has more than 25 years of experience in entertainment and music management. Sali oversees scheduling and production; negotiating and fulfilling contracts with musicians, venues, and vendors; and managing the details of the Go-Go symphony orchestra’s recording, electronic media, and outreach projects.

Sali is the daughter of Washington, DC Jazz musician, composer, arranger, and church organist Eddie Dimond. Sali was a co-producer of DMV record trading shows ‘Vinyl Event Record Convention’ and co-owner of DMV record store ‘Vinyl Ink Records’ (located in downtown Silver Spring) from 1979-to 2002. Sali’s passion for music is rooted on a cellular level and is tempered with a keen sense of keeping it all together.

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