“Twas the Night” GoGo Symphony Holiday Show December 22, 2023

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Get ready for the stockings to be hung and carols to be sung! Prepare for the beats to be dropped and the symphony to make you rock! Coming to you LIVE on Friday, December 22nd. Doors open at 7 PM. This ClassicalJazzicalSpectacular Christmas will bring you a story you will never forget, “Twas the Night.”

This will be a grand experience of the classical symphony sound infused with the original sound of DC, Go-Go music. Over ten years since its first debut, the GoGo Symphony has captivated audiences, demanding the stage with its professionalism, artistic motivation, and talented musicians.

GoGo Symphony is composed of classically trained musicians of all ages, as well as the straight DC Go-Go-at-heart vocalists, dancers, and legends such as guest drummer JuJu House. The musicians put in a lot of time and hard work, and most of all, dedication. It is truly a family.

The group was founded by its composer Liza Figueroa Kravinsky, a Filipino American from the DC area, Liza has always loved all genres of music. She got her chance to shine in the music industry with major artists such as Prince and Stacy Lattisaw. Liza grew to love DC’s own genre of music, Go-Go. She became a keyboard player for DC’s own female Go-Go group, Pleasure Band. She also worked with major DC Go-Go legends such as Trouble Funk, JuJu House and Sugar Bear of EU Experience Unlimited, and many more. Ms. Kravinsky has truly rocked with some of the best in the Go-Go scene.

GoGo Symphony is proud to bring to the front one of our very own Andrew Velez, who started as our lead trumpet player. Now he has stepped up and proven to be distinguished conductor of the orchestra of anywhere from fifteen to fifty musicians. He is also one of our composers of music. You will hear in the show some of his GoGo arrangements of classic Christmas songs. Andrew is not only a professor of music, but also as a well-rounded musician playing various instruments with local bands. It has truly been a pleasure to see him grow as a leader and to be an intricate part of the GoGo Symphony.

Let’s not forget when you come to a GoGo Symphony show, be ready to be wowed and engaged because the lead frontline will definitely make you say “Oh Wow” and get you up out of your seats. None other than the one and only Ms. Cxree, also known as Eucrita Willis, or some may call her DeeDee. She is a triple threat. For the past eight years, she has been GoGo Symphony’s lead party hyper, crowd demander, stage captain and all-around performer. She is GoGo Symphony’s artistic and creative director and manager that brings and keeps the show rocking to the rhythm. As a dancer, singer, and choreographer, Ms. Cxree has been in the DC Go-Go scene for many years. She is also well known in the area and has played with many of the major local bands. Ms. Cxree and the GoGo Symphony are a force to be reckoned with. So don’t miss out on the GoGo Symphony and all the energy it brings!

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